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The D.B.T. d.o.o. company was from the begining formed into a company focused on the wholesale of chainsand accessories for the production of doors, windows and furniture.

Long years of successful business have created the conditions for quality, reliable and fast work, and fulfilling market demands, customers and other interested parties.

All future activities of market expansion, program and work organization of the organization, in order to achieve the planned sales growth, must be aimed at the continuous improvement of the system, and thus customer satisfaction.

Quality policy of D.B.T. d.o.o., should be understood, applicable and maintained at all levels of the company. Quality policy is:

  1. To fully comply primarily with the demands of our users and other interested parties by delivering the required quality services, the optimal price and timely delivery of the services.
  2.  Continually increase the efficiency of service delivery through quality management of the cost of performing them, optimizing planning and adapting business processes.
  3. Regular monitoring and measurement, and improving the level of business by adopting and applying new knowledge.
  4. Quality setting and achievement of business goals, leading to improving the quality and efficiency of the business, and reducing customer complaints.
  5. Continuously develop the volume of business in accordance with market and customer requirements and at least keep the current position on the domestic market, with the expansion of the company’s business to an external (targeted) market.
  6. Ensure safe work and satisfaction of company employees.
  7. Continually improve the quality of our services by adhering to technical standards and norms, legal regulations and requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2015.

Company Director: Drago Bukovina



banner-6We were established in 1991, and from the very beginning of our business, we have been profiling in the wholesale of  hardware for the wood industry.

Over the years, we have adopted many programs from the most famous European manufacturers and so we approached the domestic market with several thousand items that we have today in a constant offering.