The range of PU foam, silicone, sealants, adhesives and aerosols

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Façade sealing

Stripe for sealing fugue, foils, sealing and glue materials that are subject to all requirements for rain, wind, snow, heat and sound protection

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Hybrid glue

High-grade adhesives and sealing materials that enable safe and easy execution of all windows and facade works, and completely abandons the isocyanates used in PUR products to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly and health-friendly products.

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Pu adhesives

Neutral, 1-component, prefabricated adhesive on a hybrid base with very good stability in terms of aging and weather impacts. Elastic adhesives that harden on moisture. Suitable for bonding panels, for indoor and outdoor applications.

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Pur foam, silicone

A foam suitable for filling and insulating the joining window fugue as well as filling of fugitive fittings. It is firmly bonded to concrete, wall, stone, plaster, wood and fiber cement. Silicones, neutral, non-fatty, acrylic.

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RAL mounting

Joints for sealing fugue, window films, foams, slats, butyl strips, for external, middle and inner sealing. Designed for new construction and renovation. Attested products with 10-year functional warranty in the window siding system. Parabolic and waterproof impregnated foam materials.

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Special sealing strips

Window internal and external foils, butyl sealing strips for fast, safe and easy sealing.

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